Zygos - Sudd


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Release Date: 9th March 2018

The third chapter in the vinyl installments on Gaze ill\'s Danish Cue Line Records is written by Belgian artist Zygos, Georgio Roumans. An unforgettable piece formed by 3 distinct original tracks plus an outstanding remix by Italy\'s most wanted, DPRTNDRP (D- Operation Drop).

The EP opens with the toxic symphony of \'Laicism\'. By chest pressuring hits right from the beginning, we\'re pushed into another world where everything is moving though it feels like time stands still for a moment. Mellow melodies formed in layers of feedback alike sounds and endless reverberated stabs generate a persistent tension held tight by the static, marching drums. The title track \'Sudd\' forms part 2 of the journey through Georgio Roumans\' explorative universe. To think everything can move this fast yet keeping a minimal expression is beyond reality. From 8th to 16th to 24th notes - variations through the bass, percussion, and melody sections - a discreetly conducted progression is reached throughout the track. Accompanied by weird background soundscapes the sub bass takes the lead on the tight Halfstep- package of \'Tapered\'. The drums are simple and hard, which is just what\'s needed to tame and control the strong movements from the sub. Super minimal for the sound system. Italian DPRTNDRP brings new life to \'Sudd\', which awakens in a completely different light than the tempo- filled original. Strange sounds and rhythms, raw and dirty. DPRTNDRP makes the remix a must hear.

The vibe is intense from start to end, and the EP hits perfection due to Georgio\'s naturally alive style, and the clever remix from the ever boundary pushing DPRTNDRP. Signature sound, deluxe on 180 grams heavyweight vinyl!

a1. Laicism

a2. Sudd

b1. Tapered

b2. Sudd (DPRTNDRP Remix)