Zwischenwelt - Paranormale Aktivitat


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Due 26th August 2016

Zwischenwelt is the paranormal audio/visual concern of Susana Correira, Beta Evers and Penelope Martin alongside esteemed ex-Drexciya producer, Heinrich Mueller (Dopplereffekt/Arpanet/Der Zyklus).

Zwischenwelt is similar in style and sound to Mueller's almost indivisible Black Replica and Zerkalo projects of the last few years, which were coincidentally coordinated with a strong female presence. Originally CD only release on Rephlex Records.

1. Apparition

2. Clairvoyant

3. Cryptic Dimension

4. Diapsiquia

5. Enigmata

6. Materialization

7. Multiple Existence

8. Premonition

9. Telemetric

10. Remote Viewer

11. Segunda Realidad

12. Telekenesis