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12" Vinyl including print and accompanying booklet.

The musical background of Japanese sound-artist Yu Miyashita is somewhat split. His longest standing project, Yaporigami, spans back to 2006 when he first released under the name – yet the music Miyashita has begun releasing under his birthname has become increasingly significant in recent years. Indeed, debuting on Mille Plateaux as he did with the first Miyashita LP Noble Niche in 2011 is a rather impressive first footing for any new project, and not one that has restricted his further movements.

'Grind Analysts' sees the union of these two projects; the a-side occupied by the comparatively dancefloor centric tracks he crafts as Yaporigami, whilst the b-side is reserved for the music he composes under his birthname. 'Ashen Oblique' stumbles into focus with rasping factory aesthetics – like a production line automated to run at maximum efficiency. Dense sound- design surges forward glitchy and distorted, Miyashita's swarm of fragmented digital atmospheres teeming in the backdrop. 'Lunar Steps' is less timid in its approach, opening with a blitz of decaying breakbeats cutting through Miyashita's vapourous backdrop.

The record's b-side, 'The Silent Pulse', captures the intense and conflicted beauty which has come to be associated with his latter project. Waves of digital distortion crash against stirring vocal loops - Miyashita's whirling, emotive crescendo is visceral in its impact. The swamp of noise which builds across the track doesn't stop it from striking through with clarity at the chosen moments; the effectiveness with which Miyashita's uses these rousing vocal samples is stunning in its simplicity.

a1. Yaporigami - Ashen Oblique 

a2. Yaporigami - Lunar Steps

b1. Yu Miyashita - The Silent Pulse