Yoofee - Seek & Move


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Release Date: 19th March 2021

Yoofee defines his own laws in dubstep in his Albion Collective debut. Off-kilter rhythms, spring-loaded progressions and intelligent basslines characterise the Berlin-based jazz musician’s electronic output.

‘Seek & Move’ cracks its whip across the A-side, rolling head-first over a hot-footed bassline into drunken fills that reinvigorate the slick & steady tempo. Chased through Uematsu-esque backstreets, the cinematic ‘Jankar’ spirals along hair-raising strings, wall-crawling arpeggios and Berlin’s deep, rumbling sub. Yoofee’s jazz heritage enhances the oldschool tones of ‘Make You Believe’, its summer-sun piano riff coaxing dancefloor memories from behind locked doors.

Submersed in a heady atmosphere of synapse-sparking percussion and against-the-grain rhythm sections, Yoofee carves new, enigmatic roads into 140 for his Albion Collective debut.

a1. Yoofee - Seek & Move

b1. Yoofee - Jankar

b2. Yoofee - Make You Believe