Yan Cook - Drifted Island [2x12"]


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Release Date: 15th September 2017

Yan Cook has positioned himself as one of the key figures in modern day techno and without hesitation one of the faces of the Planet Rhythm imprint. This time around he returns to his warm home with the eight-track counting ''Drifted Island''. Even though it's listed as an EP it's almost a full length album in it's own right. Yan Cook takes the listener on a voyage that covers all sides of his musical spectrum. Sturdy technoid rhythms and otherworldly structures make ''Drifted Island'' a true work of versatility.

a1. Octa

a2. Micron

b1. Spaz

b2. Fog Catcher

c1. Linear

c2. 22.55

d1. Low Light

d2. Drifted Island