X-Plode - Reignited EP


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Release Date: 27th November 2020

The second release on Amen Brother sees the return of another old school legend that only released one EP and vanished for the next 28 years! Lee X-Plode put out a self-funded EP in 1992 on a white label that became highly sort after in the vinyl collecting world, with copies changing hands for up to £250! Vinyl Fanatiks were lucky enough to be blessed with his permission to re-release this EP, which flew off the shelves.

Lee just loves the early 90’s rave scene and is an avid collector of any rave footage from this era. He is so tuned in to this period of music that when he started producing again in 2020, his tracks sounded like they had all been made back then, 100% authentic with 100% vibes. So when we approached Lee about writing an EP for our newly-founded Amen Brother label, he jumped at the chance and gave us four amazing anthems. This EP includes his track ‘Shock Out’ from the ‘Hardcore Lockdown’ album as well as an incredible revamp of his reggae tinged classic ‘Watch This Go’ which was on his one and only release back in 1992.

a1. X-Plode - Shock Out

a2. X-Plode - Rock The House

b1. X-Plode - Feel So Good

b2. X-Plode - Watch This Go