X-Coast - Mango Bay EP


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X-Coast White Label

Release Date: November 2016

Video for the title track 'Mango Bay" was played for hours over stream by one of the top DotA players "RTZ", achieving legendary meme status over night. "Rush" and "Rocky Bay" are wrapping up the A side carrying faster tech grooves, while still maintaining the organic component (warmth) with bass, chopped vocals and woodwind leads.

B side starts off with "Calypso", one of the earliest X-Coast productions - a steady house groove made from layers of keys, trumpet stabs, rich with hats and ghost snares - perfect to get the party started. Being the last track, "Don't Stop" is a hidden gem of this EP - what seems to be a Hawaiian steel guitar classic, quickly transforms into a floor stomper, It's a house beat reinforced by a classic rolling break, hammond stabs and samples of Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge's "It's All Right"


a1. Mango Bay

a2. Rush

a3. Rocky Bay

b1. Calypso

b2. Don't Stop