Wun Two - Snow Vol. 3 & Vol. 4 [White Vinyl LP]


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Release Date: December 2021

When it's cold outside, it's Wun Two season. With his "Snow" series, the legendary lofi producer has continuously delivered the soundtrack for cosy hours on the couch in the cold winter. Now Vol. 3 and Vol. 4 of this series are finally available on vinyl -snow white of course. And as a special highlight for all fans who still don't have enough, there are four brand new bonus tracks.

a1. Bells
a2. Frosty
a3. Leave A Froze (feat FloFilz)
a4. Nippy
a5. Together
a6. Fir
a7. Carol
a8. Socken
a9. Chilly
a10. Candy Cane
a11. Blizzards
a12. Snowball
a13. Alaska (bonus track)
a14. Shiver (bonus track)
a15. Cold Breeze (bonus track)
b1. In
b2. Cold Shower
b3. Mandarine (feat Knowsum) (1:54)
b4. Dana
b5. Bubo
b6. Let It Snow
b7. Paula
b8. Same Old (feat FloFilz)
b9. Sunce U Been Gone
b10. Harctic (feat FloFilz)
b11. Nuthatch
b12. Coda
b13. Aspen (feat FloFilz)