Workforce - Late Night Soundtrack (Remixes)


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Release Date: 27th November 2020

Jack Workforce welcomes his first guest producers to the Must Make imprint, handing over three cuts from his Late Night Soundtrack project to three stellar remixers; Break, Tim Reaper and Halogenix. All three have delivered absolutely elite-level reimaginations of the Workforce cuts, spanning and encapsulating the entirety of the Drum & Bass genre; from Break’s straight-up reworking of ‘Overnight Express’, twisting the DNA of the original cut and crunching up the tones of SP:MC, to the legendary Tim Reaper’s jungle reworking of ‘Two Words’, which absolutely turns the original on it’s head, and finally to the detailed, brutal but emotive take on ‘Your Loss’, delivered by Halogenix.

a1. Workforce - Overnight Express ft SP:MC (Break Remix)

a2. Workforce - Two Words (Tim Reaper Remix)

b1. Workforce - Your Loss (Halogenix Remix)

b2. Workforce - Heart Crossed