William Earl - Young In the Tropic


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Release Date: November 2016

Let's Go Swimming return with a 3 track EP from one of their very own, William Earl. A1 'Young In The Tropic' sets the mood deep in the jungle. A thick layer of tribal drums forms the base of this track, with birds of paradise echoing above - mysterious chirps emanate from the deep. At the midway point euphoric stabs emerge to round it off in a heady, reverberant breakdown, sure to get you going on the dance floor. 

The dreamy atmosphere of 'Settle Up' stamps its authority all over the B1...with a housey bassline and Will’s signature percussive richness. 'EMTN' rounds off the EP with machine driven percussion. The track simultaneously plays with the higher echoing synth stabs and a deep, cut bass line that pierces the low end. Sampled extracts from an interview explaining the experience of ecstasy interpolates through the record, it’s repetition emphasising the cycling highs of the drug itself. “The definition of ecstasy is: ‘beside yourself.’ And it is like being beside yourself. It’s like a new part of you is coming out in a pure way, just pure emotion coming out. Emotion’s madness.”

a1. Young in the Tropic

b1. Settle Up

b2. EMTN