Whodamanny - Cosmic Morphology


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Due 16th September

Early Sounds Recordings brings to light its freaky side with its brand new sublabel project, Periodica Records, that delivers for their first release a weird & stellar journey through the Casio Cz 101 Cosmic-Synthesizer by Whodamanny (already seen as part of "The Mystic Jungle Tribe" crew). Prepare to take off!

a1. Orbit Of Nibiru

a2. Shadows Of Nephtys

a3. Timat's Paths

a4. 2MW Themis (The Solar Power Plant)

a5. Ningal Moon Goddess

a6. Duodecimo Planeta

a7. Pole Of The North Ecliptic (draco)

a8. Kigal First Dimension

a9. Kigal Second Dimension

a10. Miranda Cryovolconoes

a11. Crab Interluda

b1. Meditation On The Icey Mountains Of Charon

b2. Dysomnia Lunar Nises

b3. Dysomnia Dead-End Chaos

b4. Rings Around Anshar

b5. Pole Of The South Ecliptic (Dorado)

b6. Comets Across Kingu

b7. Ancient Symbols From Tethys

b8. Mummu Ascension

b9. Niribuan Alphabeta (Outro)