VORONOI - Voronoi (Cassette)


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Released 3rd February 2017

Inspired by the famed diagrams and geometric theories of the eponymous Russian mathematician coming

from the cold Russian Empire in mid-1800, Matteo Nobile and Luca Scarrone experience, through Voronoi, the changing relationship between sound, structure and space.
In a continuous metric and formal deconstruction, the duo literally 'debunks' and 're-assemble' the musical narrative following a kind of probabilistic calculation that balances sound and rhythm in a seemingly chaotic geometry. As for the Russian mathematicianʼs theories (nowadays used in wireless wave propagation, geo- location systems, graphic modelling and research procedures used for commercials, indexes and cookies) the result is absolutely contemporary.

With a track-list that sounds like a cataloguing of experiments, this debut EP by Voronoi opens with ʻV2ʼ in which disrupted synths arpeggios seem to seek refuge into rhythmic clusters that constantly build up and then collapse, bringing the track into different scenarios. An exhausting duel between scientific rigour and raw improvisation leads ʻV3ʼ up to the middle section , where the whole thing turns into a dense hazy down tempo groove that dilates and leads the listener into a more ʻcomfortable zoneʼ. Free from preconfigured sequences and grids, follows ʻV4ʼ with its hybrid sounds and asymmetrical rhythms; the track, after a series of schizophrenic upheavals, reaches its climax towards the end where an anxious build-up definitely sets Voronoiʼs style into those hard to classify. ʻV1ʼ closes this series of musical experiments delivering a sense of unfinished, a vibrating mass full of perspective, as if to present the potential inertia of this project.

Matteo Noble [1983] studied music at DAMS in Bologna where he approached the lively experimental local scene and began collaboration with BRTNY. After graduating in music production, he moved to Milan where he established audio / video project "Bellagio Bellagio" with artist Natalia TREJBALOVÁ (who is also responsible of Voronoiʼs cover-art).

Luca Scarrone [1978] is a trained musician with a double bass degree and a jazz education, finalist for the Jazz Junior Krakow. He grew interest in electronics and electro-acoustic music with projects "Urban Casbah" and "Lower, and consequently embarked on a journey of musical experimentation through the use of software such as Logic, Ableton Live, Max / MSP and Pure Data.

Pro-printed jelly red cassette housed in a clear double case w/ exclusive silkscreen printed cover-art + postcard with extra download code to send to a friend designed by artist Natalia TREJBALOVÁ, realized by Legno. Includes 2 free download codes. Limited Edition of 50.

1. V2

2. V3

3. V4

4. V4