Von Grall - Better Places EP


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Release Date: 2nd June 2017

Parisian 'Von Grall' contributes a new records four track counting EP to the Planet Rhythm black series.

'Tracking Happiness' is a lush piece of esoteric Techno that spans over six minutes and showcases Von Grall's artful approach to contemporary eletronics.

'Case History' is a percussion laden cut that delicately changes further on with slabs of FX while maintaining it's mystic atmosphere. 'State of Being Violin' is a state of the art piece of techno music completed by deep percussion and moments of wild FX. 'Self Portraits' serves as the closing track.

This cut showcases taints of experimental electronics and dystopian techno. A bonus track called 'Better Places' is included in the digital release.

a1. Tracking Happiness

a2. Case History

b1. State Of Being Violin

b2. Self Portrait Suspended