Von D - Cross of Hendaye / Finis Gloriae Mundi


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Infernal Sounds

Released 14th October 2016

"Following on from the burgeoning experimentalism of last year’s criminally underrated Castle Life LP, Von D returns to his roots with IFS004. Standing out against a sea of tired, static bassweight the duo of heavyweight, atmospheric bangers -  centered around old school, analog sound design- bring a curious fusion of old and new to the table.

Opener ‘Cross of Hendaye’ is a crystalline piece of tear up madness, incorporating a hyperactive storm of energetic bass against the backdrop of a deeply buried wall of ambience. Second track ‘Finis Gloriae Mundae’ is very much in the same vein as the first track, taking a more laidback approach, with a skankin’ rhythm providing the backbone to a snarling stomper of a tune."

a. Cross of Hendaye 

b. Finis Gloriae Mundi