Veil/Unveil - Issue 2


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Here we have another four slices of futuristic goodness from the well established label Auxiliary run by atmospheric master ASC, this EP showcases four of the Auxiliary label regulars Sam KDC, Synth Sense, Method One and ASC.

Let's kick things of with the Sam KDC track entitled Ascetic, this rolls in a very deep sort of dub tech vibe and really captures the technicality that Sam KDC normally brings to the table. A very deep and darkish vibe, but not too heavy surrounds this track with edgy beat work growing as the tune progresses.

We move onto ASC's piece called Symmetry which has such a lusciously spacial vibe to it and really draws the listener into the lush textures and deepness that this tune provides in bucket loads... really lovely to listen to, the subtle vox additions sound great throughout!

Synth Sense provides a very raw glitch based track entitled Trapped Within The Circuit which is very apt title for this tune. It's distorted yet controlled soundscape has that kind of vibe that keeps you the edge whilst listening, with softer sounds developing over the top that take what is initially harsh and raw and really pulls it all together. This vibe really works on the EP giving a different vibe to the overall release.

Finally we have a track from Method One called Under the Same Stars. This is a really drifty tune that has beautiful elements throughout, very very deep and spacey, downtempo quality beats over wonderful synth lines - excellent from start to finish!

This EP really does capture a broad sense of what the guys over at Auxiliary are putting out as a label, which in my humble opinion is deep edgy music that captures the imagination and covers a lot of different bases.

A must buy from this group of very talented musicians.

A1. Sam KDC - Ascetic

A2. ASC - Symmetry

B1. Synth Sense - Trapped Within The Circuit

B2. Method One - Under The Same Stars