Veil/Unveil - Issue 1


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This is a four track EP that shows off some of the Auxiliary stables finest artists in a futuristic slab of pure quality, the EP contains tracks from label boss ASC, Vaccine, Sam KDC and a collaborative track by Synth Sense & ASC.

A1 is ASC's moody but brilliant tracks called Noncolour Entity and this deep future vibe sounds stunning very very intricate synth noises pulsate throughout this tune and it's got drama and pure genius written all over it, very nice indeed.

A2 by Vaccine entitled Irradiate has a lovely charming chime based synth line running through with a kind of oriental vibe surrounding it, almost dare I say hip hop esc beats that drive this slice of goodness in a positive direction this is a very cool track and has a really positive vibe throughout.

We move on to B1 - Sam KDC offering which has a lush soundscape over a pulsating break beat vibe containing a real energy, quality production values throughout here - very nice and tight edits keep this piece moving along nicely another quality edition to this EP.

Finally we have the collaboration track between Synth Sense and ASC called Glimpse and if this is a glimpse into these guys working together more often then this really makes you want it to happen! A great atmospheric tune that takes you off into the dreamy vibes that this lovely piece of music provides, a subtle use of ghostly vocals really makes this an essential track to own as do the rest of the tracks on this EP...

Pure gold from start to finish.

A1. ASC - Noncolour Entity

A2. Vaccine - Irradiate

B1. Sam KDC - Lovesick

B2. ASC & Synth Sense - Glimpse