Various - Wound Up Beat Tape 2 [Cassette]


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Released 26th May 2017

Cassette, limited to 100 copies.
Next Phase Records present the second volume of the Wound Up Beat Tape series showcasing experimental downtempo music from around the world. This limited edition cassette and digital release features 11 exclusive tracks ranging from instrumental hip hop to jazz fuelled break beat. Like the first volume it’s aim is to deliver a unique and personal auditory experience stretching an array of BPM’s. This adventurous approach to compilations is reminiscent of classic Mo Wax albums that remain a constant source of inspiration for producers today.

The release begins with a delightful slew of uplifting samples and colossal drums before a trademark Next Phase excursion into unconventional fusions and monstrous soundscapes takeover.

Flipping the traditional concept of a Beat Tape on its head the Wound Up philosophy is a clear one: to deliver a variety of fully produced tracks that demon - strate character, diversity and emotion whilst keeping that funk alive!

The cassette is limited to 100 copies with each one being personally assembled by label curator Robbert Peperkamp. This edition contains exclusive atmospheres and skits that form an enhanced cinematic style experience. It comes complete with a download/code to the digital version of the LP.

01. Faible & Konfusion - These Foolish Things

02. Marenn Sukie - Tapes

03. The Blunt Needles - Bad A Boom

04. Infest - Seven 3

05. Flowtrigger - Dark Soul

06. Scale - Big Bushy Beard

07. Drummotive - The Tube

08. Brad Impact - Second Time Around

09. Neveready - Fatmos

10. Quasi - End Theme

11. Brad Coleman - Witch Hunt