Various Artists - Blue Vortex


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Following releases on Knotweed and Philippe Petit's DMT, LPZ Records welcomes Argentinian Gonzalo MD to the label for a joint release alongside LPZ's very own techno duo P. Lopez & Octavio.
The A side features 'Blue Vortex' and 'Neferu', two driving techno tracks from Gonzalo MD that showcase his trademark machine groove. On the B side, P. Lopez & Octavio lay down a deeper vibe than usual with 'Lorn' and 'Immersion' falling somewhere in between techno and house. 

a1. Gonzalo MD - Blue Vortex

a2. Gonzalo MD - Neferu

b1. P. Lopez & Octavio - Lorn

b2. P. Lopez & Octavio - Immersion