Various Artists - WHAT THE V.A VOL. 1


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Release Date: 10th October

Who are the various artists, what are the various tracks, you ask? The record contains four tracks that are useful in your daily life. Tired of every day cares and worries? 
Focus on the eternal truths and your life purpose with Paul Moore's Virgo Tribute, close your eyes, tune in and relax. Need some positive, warm vibrations?
Missing the summer already? Flabaire's track is for you. 
Great with cold chardonnay! Looking for a soundtrack for a workout, cleaning or home improvements? Flip a record, turn Johannes's track on and play it loud! Hungover? Stomach upset, head or toothache? 
Put the needle to the second track on the B side for
the cure from the real doctor label's head Sames.


a1. Paul Deepnlow Moore - Virgo Tribute

a2. Flabaire - Relachement

b1. Johannes Albert - The Dean

b2 Sames - Fahrbahn