Various Artists - Various EP [12" Vinyl w/ Insert]


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Available: 12th March 2021

Well Street keep up the heat as one of the most inventive labels operating in the liminal space between techno, dub and rhythmic mysticism. These various artist releases are also a perfect introduction to some essential new talent, and that's clear from the off with the snaking, echo chamber pressure of Box 5ive. Keppel's "Taken For Granted" is a distinctive slice of crooked 21st century soul that sports a whiff of early Kimbie / Blake in the vocals and overall attitude. Henry Greenleaf's "Snide" is a taut drum track that teases as much as it delivers, and Formant Value trips out into a meditative soundscape of pattering percussion and spacious atmospherics.

a1. Box 5ive - Silicate

a2. Keppel - Taken For Granted

b1. Henry Greenleaf - Snide

b2. Formant Value - Polycausa