Various Artists - Blackout NL V/A EP


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Blackout Music

Released 8th July 2016

BLCKTNLVA001 is here to give the last EP's of 2015 some vinyl justice, this various artist release showcases some of the sheer amount of talent and creativity the label has been supporting since it launched years ago. With tracks from Mindscape, Current Value, Pythius and Optiv & BTK, this EP is a must have for any DJ that prefers his Drum and Bass served raw and in your face.

a1. Mindscape - One Sound (feat. Kryptomedic)

b1. Current Value - Rocket Science

c1. Pythius - Driveyeard (feat. Kryptomedic)

d1. Optiv & BTK - Dark City (feat. Yves Paquet)