Various Artists - To The Generation EP


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Release Date: 28th July 2017

Next Phase Records is proud to present their second foray into vinyl with this four track EP of intricate and emotive Drum and Bass. It features exclusive new music from Moving Shadow pioneer DJ Trax as well as Enjoy, Earl Grey, Infest and Drummotive. To The Generation will be available on red vinyl with a sleeve designed by label curator Robbert Peperkamp.

On the A side Infest and Drummotive incorporate ballistic amens, reggae vocals and skank out basslines to forge a dutty slice of jungle fit for any dance floor.

Earl Grey crafts sophisticated drum patterns around heavenly chords and inspirational dialogue before launching into an accomplished section of breakbeat science.

The B side kicks off with DJ Trax sourcing inspiration from the big warehouse anthems of 1994. Soulful vocals and melodic amen patterns combine to form a joyous summer anthem. In contrast Enjoys contribution is menacing and sinister, much like the animal it’s named after. Brooding effects and ominous pads help to create a sense of fearful apprehension.

a1. Infest & Drummotive - To The Generation

a2. Earl Grey - Burnt Letters

b1. DJ Trax - Feeling Deeper

b2. Enjoy - The Shark