Various Artists - To Rack & Ruin Vol. 12


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To Rack & Ruin

Release Date: 19th September

Back once again with the renegade masters, To Rack & Ruin romp on, bringing ill behaviour and dance floor damage wherever they go.

This twelfth instalment of the heady edit series sees Mancunian maverick Neil Diablo invite The Rejected and Que Sakamoto to tackle a side each on this floor flaying four tracker.

Italian newcomer The Rejected may be a man of mystery right now, but as soon as you've copped an earful of his body shaking A-side, you'll be stalking him like an ex on Facebook! He kicks off the set with the tumbling toms of 'Gambling In The 70s', a feel good groove which leads the conga line on a precise path between parmesan and taleggio.

Making expert use of percussive breakdowns and reverb heavy rests, The Rejected revels in the cruise ship orchestration and camp euro vocals without ever letting the pecorino overpower the pasta - buono! Leaving the glam and glitter of the A1 behind, the Italian edit maestro takes us deep on A2 offering 'Lucky Lucio', working a low slung bassline, wah guitar and hushed psyche vocals into a slow burning funk bomb perfect for the warm up or post peak.

Additional synth work and a dynamic arrangement light make this wonky wonder stand taller than the Tower of Piza, taking the dance floor on a tile-eyed trip from start to finish.

The B-side belongs to Japanese disco kingpin Que Sakamoto, who takes a break from rocking the decks with Psychemagik, Crazy P and the ALFOS crew at his legendary Huits Etoiles club night in Tokyo, to bring the party to your turntable. 'Mr Moonlight' makes an instant impression, slicing some familiar piano chords over a squelching funk guitar and propulsive bassline to get those fists pumping from the off.

As the track progresses, the producer introduces star gazing synth licks, psychedelic solos and a chugging groove blasting us into a distant dance floor dimension. We've barely caught our breath from that unbridled ecstasy before Que freaks us out again, dropping us headfirst into the full blooded funk of 'Salut Des Frangines'.

Powerhouse percussion and heavy duty wah guitar take the lead here, blazing bright over tasty organ licks and rumbling bass, before dropping out completely for an fx heavy breakdown in the second half. So dope you could smoke it!

International and unstoppable - To Rack & Ruin Volume 12 ladies and gentlemen.


a1. The Rejected – Gambling in the 70s

a2. The Rejected – Lucky Lucio

b1. Que Sakamoto – Mr Moonlight

b2. Que Sakamoto – Salut Des Frangines