Various Artists - Timeless


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The Cacao crew pay their respects to their favourite classic tunes. While we're constantly flooded by daily rapid-fire releases, there are some timeless gems that always ignite the dancefloors. The following tracks come from influential artists that have left their mark on the Cacao team's sound world, blending perfectly into their sets. 

At number one we have Rodriguez Jr. of the mobilee family with his Kids of Hula belter. A playful groove serves as centrepiece, dotted by exotic fauna sounds that reach for the tropics. Alternating percussive pads, the fittingly tribal drums bring the entire melody together, making it a perfect peak-time track.

Dub Taylor's aptly titled Hidden From the Mind showcases a fully immersive tribal experience. Kicking off with wooden percussive loops that make for an instant earworm, we're gradually greeted with distorted vocals and an ample groove that blend into the perfect dub tech journey.

The first B-side takes us further into the house jungle, with youANDme's deep edit of Lawrence & Seth Troxler's Miles in Aphrika. A stern echoed vocal presents itself as the leitmotif, while the melody progressively unfolds. Metallic pads and subtle synth grabs add to the atmosphere, creating a sense of space and amping up the overall intensity.

Audiofly turn Martin Eyerer and Benno Blome's Piano Roll into a jazzy house exploration with major dancefloor appeal. Bouncy yet deep, the bassline keeps the body moving, while the {Rhodes} piano chords create the perfect immersive groove. One to heat up the atmosphere at any point during a set!


a1. Rodriguez Jr - Kids of Hula

a2 Dub Taylor - Hidden from the Mind

b1. Lawrence, Seth Troxler - Miles in Aphrika (youANDme Edit)

b2. Martin Eyerer, Benno Blome - Piano Roll (Audiofly Twinkle Edit)