Various Artists - The Rising EP


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Release Date: 10th June 2022

Phoenix Breaks is a physical record label based in the UK specialising in modern breakbeat hardcore, jungle and drum n' bass. The label began in 2021 and the first release was released in December of the first year in the form of a vinyl ep entitled 'The Rising'.

The EP sports 4 tracks of varying styles ranging from breakbeat hardcore to jungle and also drum n' bass. Staying true to the sounds of the 90's, each track has been carefully produced to fully capture that sound and has received raving reviews so far. Strictly limited edition and housed in a sturdy stickered cover, this is a must buy for anyone who has any kind of interest in the oldskool 90's rave sounds.

a1. M-Bass & Nee - Floor Burner

a2. Matt Bass - Gotta Release

b1. Tony Turntable - Badbwoy Sound

b2. The Technician - Dark Tower