Various Artists - The Real Deal


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New York Haunted have invited some of our own favorite artists to explore the boundaries of techno as a form of communication. Straight from Detroit, the legendary Terrence Dixon represents the minimalist funk like no other in his contribution 'Star Dust'. Straightforward dance floor action with a truly hypnotic vibe. Former Yellow Swan, Pete Swanson comes from a noise background and has been adding monolithic rhythms for some years now, His 'Dirty Work' blurs these lines and shifts between harsh noise and distorted machine rhythms. Cryptic techno philosopher Jamal Moss, aka Hieroglyphic Being drops an exercise in Sun Ra worship called 'Speaking in Tongues' and label boss Drvg Cvltvre rounds of the EP with a combination of shortwave radio transmissions and walls of gutwrenching bass drums. Often imitated, never duplicated. These are the unique voices of a techno generation. This is: The Real Deal...

a1. Terrence Dixon - Stardust

a2. Pete Swanson - Dirty Work

b1. Hieroglyphic Being - Speaking In Tongues

b2. Drvg Cvltvre - Torn Apart by Teeth or Bullits