Various Artists - Shades Of Violet (Cassette)


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Release Date: 18th December 2020

Rarefied Presents: Shades of Violet.

A compilation album showcasing the depth and diversity of talent that the Rarefied ensemble have to offer.
As a label, Rarefied have striven to provide an outlet for artists to express their talent without restriction. Shades of Violet is the apotheosis of this mission.

A change of format and flavour, this cassette crosses the boundaries of the dancefloor. A plethora of sonic expressions are on offer, from Trap infused Hip Hop to submerged Techno soundscapes.
An exercise in originality from reel to reel, this is not one to sleep on.

a1. Primer - Let Go

a2. Sibla - Entity

a3. Monkeys & Demons - Uitzicht

a4. Pharma - Odd, U See

a5. Freud - Voyagers

b1. Sabiwa, Queimada - Rarefied Official

b2. Kodama - Talk More

b3. Mob Killa - Ghost Sleep II

b4. Primer, Soukah - Distant

b5. Soukah - The Art to Die