Various Artists - Revolution


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Release Date: 27th September 2019

Kicking off the EP we have a Jungle Techno track from 2007 ‘Revolution’ made by Persian & DJ Staf, ‘Kool London’s finest DJ’...

‘D dub retwist’, see’s a minimal Break Heavy Dub amidst a Trippy background soundscape from a Japanese Movie.

‘Rumbling interlude’ There’s some interesting Organ at play over modern D&B being played here, al be it with the room vibrating (hence the title) this short segment is a nice escape!

‘Milton 21’ This track dates from 2001, this is a rare glimpse of what Jungle Techno may have become, a direction of futurist sound play amidst Bone Crunching Heavy Bass! Again, Genre pioneering stuff, from True Underground Artists.

‘Not nuff time’, feature’s Lauryn’s freshly sounding Tone, over one of Persian’s Breakbeat projects...

This has variations of electronic shades of what a deejay would love! These tracks were found & lovingly remastered for this ‘ Collector’s Breaks’ EP.
The cross over has been kept!

a1. Persian & DJ Staf - Revolution

a2. Persian - D Dub Retwist

a3. Rumbling Interlude

b1. Persian & Nick Dunton - Milton 21

b2. Persian Ft Lauryn - Not Nuff Time