Various Artists - MHVA1


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Release Date: 11th December 2020

Part one of a four part series, bringing artists from different musical hubs on this planet, onto the one record. To make the connections far between, closer together. Bristol, Berlin & Christchurch - Part one. Inspiring Modern Hypnosis, these three Artists and their established musical endeavours have laid path to our own make up and ethos - chur.

Versa. Orson. Akcept.

The opening track Neurogenesis, is a snapshot of Versa’s smoother than smooth production accuracy and sub weight knowledge. The intent of this track is as exactly how it sounds, minimal dub techno at level Versa.

Orson cooks up his unique ‘post-dubstep’ signature sound in one of our favourite system shakers to date. Life Feed offers its service as a mid-tempo power growler - the askew beat quickly becomes the norm, reeking of late night club antics while remaining in control - as we said, system shaker.

Closing out the 3 tracker is Akcept’s new beat Exhaust, which even as a dub plate, has already danced it’s way to the top of NZ radio station RDU’s best tracks of 2020. It only takes 10 seconds of the intro to get the feeling of ‘oooooo this is gonna be a big one’...Big up Eyes Down Sound.

a1. Versa - Neurogenesis

b1. Orson - Life Feed

b2. Akcept - Exhaust