Various Artists - Look Forward and Back


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12 Inch Vinyl In a hand numbered brown paper sleeve.

Paper Recordings are hitting their 200th single release on Record Store Day with a 12 Inch featuring Crazy P, Steve Cobby - Producer / DJ and Flash Atkins Music. It will be a limited run sold in numbered brown paper bags in a throw back to our very first promos twenty two years ago. The three tracks span the Paper sound from electronic funk to stripped back electronic disco and proper deep house that sounds as fresh today as it did when it CDJs were something you looked at on tomorrow's world.

The label has been releasing quality dance music for 23 years that has never subscribed to formula but always had an instantly recognizable sound. They have never chased the big names but stuck to what they do best and artists such as Problem Kids, Salt City Orchestra, Kenny Hawkes, Essa, Pa Pa Washington Trio, Crazy Penis and Dirty Jesus can bring a tear to the eyes of ravers of a certain age. Starting off as part of the 'Nu-Brit House' movement tracks such as The Book and Downtime pretty much created a blueprint for what was to come in in house music the following years.


a1. Crazy P - Last Knockers

b1. Steve Cobby - Boule De Suif

b2. Flash Atkins - River of Jordan