Various Artists - Faces Vol.1: The Many Faces of Killer Smile [Blue & White Marbled Vinyl]


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Release Date: 26th June 2020

Faces Vol. 1 - The Many Faces of Killer Smile is available both digitally and on limited edition blue and white marbled vinyl with hand stamped label.

The mixed artist EP begins with none other than Manix of Reinforced Recs fame with 'The Feeling', a golden era style 92/93 Jungle Tekno roller with mesmerising stab notes, deep, funky subs, gliding amen breaks and soulful vox just like the good old days.

Next, Skeleton Army remixes Foul Plays' 'Black Sun' in a contemporary Breakbeat Rave style fusing crisp, authentic 'Oldskool' breaks, bleeps and warehouse synths in a melodic drift to the dark side of the Jungle where cavernous riffs create a sense of defiant danger, the kind once found in journeys down the M1.

Denham Audio put on a 4min 58sec masterclass in Breakbeat science full of sweeping, atmospheric riffs that call back to early Detroit Techno and Bukem esque Jungle on 'Mercury Tint', a sonic sojourn around the rings of Saturn with mind-expanding soundscapes wrapped tightly round rolling breaks.

Mani Festo brings a progressive slant to the broken beat ensemble. The Far-Eastern influenced keys float gracefully around a crunchy oldskool hardcore break and booming bass vibrations on the aptly named 'Spiral', a bubbling cauldron of Breaks, Jungle & Techno as if created in a smoke-filled bedroom somewhere in a high rise London tower block.

a1. Manix - The Feeling

a2. Foul Play - Black Sun (Skeleton Army Remix)

b1. Denham Audio - Mercury Tint

b2. Mani Festo - Spiral