Various Artists - DJ Haus Enters The Unknown Vol. 2 [Sampler] (3x12" Vinyl)


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Released 19th October 2018

DJ Haus Enters The Unknown is a yearly compilation looking back at the last 12 months of UTTU releases - some obvious highlights but emphasis on overlooked b sides too. It’s also an opportunity to work with friends outside of the UTTU label by including exclusive collaborations and tracks from the UTTU extended family. Ahead of the full compilation release UTTU present a triple vinyl edition of the exclusive tracks and collaborations featuring: Legowelt, DJ Deeon, DJ Seinfeld, DJ Normal 4, Marquis Hawkes, DJ Boring & many more.

a1. Hugo Massien & DJ Haus – Network Processor

a2. DJ Seinfeld – Tell Me What U Want

b1. Legowelt – Amateur Astronomy

b2. DJ Boring & DJ Haus – Los Apson?

c1. DJ Deeon & DJ Haus – Jerkin’ Houz

c2. Asquith – This Time

c3. Textasy - Chillin' At The Beach

d1. Marquis Hawkes & DJ Haus - Dance

d2. The Analogue Cops - Neukolln Boutique

e1. Justin Cudmore - Straight No Chaser

e2. Robert Dietz - Junk Mail Gem

f1. DJ Normal 4 - UFO Spotted At Ruhr

f2. Dixon Avenue Basement Jams & DJ Haus - Bullet Brain

f3. TRP - Stellar