Various Artists - Demand Requisites


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Released 18th November 2016

In this day and age vinyl releases are getting rare in drum & bass but still we at Demand cherish them. Requisites our brand new 6 part 33 rpm series is an ode to the vinyl culture. Every release symbolises one particular requisite that you'd evidently need to rock the so called black gold. Here served by, what else could it be, a butler we start of with the headphones... Musically that includes the ever magnificent Phil Tangent who contributes Misgivings, a roller that effortlessly switches from euphoria to dark tones. The legend Big Bud in collaboration with Austria's finest RoyGreen, Protone & Dual on Gospodi. A smooth liquid outing that we just fell in love. The ever surprising Eastcolors with Naked Skin that brings in low slung tempo with the vocal wonder Tiiu and last but not least Demand's own nurtured talent Phase who rounds of the first part with Abundance. As the name suggests it is absolutely rich in form of vibes! The statement that is pressed on the vinyl label couldn't be more clear... "listen to it" and we're sure you'll fall in love.

a1. Phil Tangent - Misgivings

a2. Eastcolors & Tiiu - Naked Skin

b1. Big Bud / Roygreen & Protone / Dual - Gospodi

b2. Phase - Abundance