Various Artists - DeepTracks #1


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Release Date: 30th April 2021

DeepTape Records' first record, DeepTracks #1, sets the tone by introducing six outstanding producers, each with a unique style of electronic music. This also represents our vision of searching for uniqueness without focusing on a particular direction.

Each vinyl comes in a hand-painted cover, making each one a unique piece of art.

DeepTracks #1 will start with a track by Palavas, a producer duo from Marseille, France. Their productions combine influences from Nu disco, Italo house and retro sounds. G&G Production inspires with a fresh interpretation of these influences through a driving and powerful beat with uplifting and catchy synths. This one will definitely get the dance-floor moving.

The second one is produced by Liam and Benjamin Murray from New Zealand, better known as 2XM. In the last few years they have already released great music on well known labels like Nail Shop, SlothBoogie Jamz and Blaq Numbers and we are super happy to have them with us. Known for their dope house productions, we know what to expect and with Koru Lounge they deliver once again. 2XM show us emotional, dreamy sounds and groovy, driving rhythms and prove their musical skills.

The A-side ends with a dreamy ambient track by Vincent Ligny. Velvet arrives like a distant dream and spreads in our minds. While airy pad sounds form the foundation, we also notice that small droplets arrive like souvenirs and merge into a whole picture. A really fascinating sound experience that ends the first half of our journey perfectly.

The B side starts with the straight house banger „Les Valseuses“ by DJ Atlance. Heavily influenced by Jazz, Disco and Funk his aim is to arouse pure emotions in the listener, which is totally delivered here. Reduced down to a driving beat and lush sample, it pushes everyone on the dancefloor.

We continue with Caramel Smooth Heaven, making a perfect transition from house to more minimalistic and experimental sounds. He creates a unique atmosphere by combining minimalistic downtempo with his own vocals and takes you to a new level. His productions are influenced by people like Floating Points, Thom Yorke and Tim Hecker.

What now follows is one, pure and magical journey by none other than Fjaler. Fjaler are a formation from the Netherlands, who are not so much dedicated to a traditional genre of electronic music, but to create something completely new from the sum of different influences. Driven by great creativity, passion and the joy of experimenting with different instruments and sounds they succeed every time anew. Lull takes you on a simply magical journey. Starting relaxed, the track slowly builds up bit by bit, accompanied by a wonderful arpeggio and dreamy pad sounds, until it finally blossoms into a grand finale and ends the record in a great way

a1. Palavas - G&G Production

a2. 2XM - Koru Lounge

a3. Vincent Ligny - Velvet

b1. DJ Atlance - Les Valseuses

b2. Caramel Smooth Heaven - Axed The Angel

b3. Fjaler - Lull