Various Artists - Deep Series 1.2


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Release date: 20th April 2021

After 3 years, we are proudly releasing our second V.A. Deepseries after the previous success of the first. These tracks were collected over past years and now they join together on this outstanding atmospheric EP.

Ruffien kicks off with his beloved track ‘Old Ways’ which was previous unreleased on vinyl. Second up, a familiar face; Mathijs Smit. After working in the Deeptrax recordstore for 3 years he is releasing his track ‘Binary Life’, heavy in bass with emotionally layered firm strings. Finally the last track of the A side is from one of our favorites; Tim Jackiw. After his beautiful album, he contributes to Deeptrax Records for the second time with ‘Prophet Class’- a fresh and vibrant 313 house tune!

On the B side we begin with some deep mysterious rhythms, Lo-Fi beats and metallic percussion by Rich P & Lee with ‘Runnin Solo’. For the big finish, the last track of this EP is the very emotional track ‘Mirror tells stories’. We instantly fell in love with this track when Hamatsuki sent it to us a few years ago. Finally it has found its place

We proudly present to you Deep Series 1.2! 

a1. Ruffien - Old Ways

a2. Mathijs Smit - Binary Life (String version)

a3. Tim Jackiw - Prophet Class

b1. Rich P & Lee - Runnin Solo

b2. Hamatsuki - Mirror tells stories