Various Artists / Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi - Eternity E.P.


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 Opilec Music is back with this special V.A. signed by the Cosmic acclaimed Italian disco stars Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi.  Both are regular remixers at the label and close friends to Gianluca I-Robots Pandullo.
Having never been released before on vinyl these tracks show their unique style, and their ability to be reworked into a modern sound.

1980's GoGoGo by the Swiss electronic pioneers Schaltkreis Wassermann is taken from the classic Psychotron album produced by PJ & Stella (R.I.P) Wassermann, which has recently been re-released by private records Germany.
Daniele Baldelli was the first true pioneer of Electronic Krautrock that was huge on the Italo scene. In the early eighties he was the resident DJ at the famous Cosmic Club.  
Psychotron was a regular on the dancefloor, hence Baldelli & Dionigi
selecting GoGoGo to rework.

The Units were one of America’s first synthesizer bands playing and recording together in the late seventies and early eighties. They were renowned for their use of synthesizers replacing traditional guitars, and pioneering a genre now known as synthpunk. Paving the way for much of what has led to come in electronic music.

The Right Man comes from the Connections project a definitive collection of over twenty four of the band’s songs written between 1977 and 1984. It was remixed and brought up to date in 2011 by a renowned and international cast of over forty DJs, producers, and bands at the heart of the contemporary club scene. This project celebrates the futuristic Units along with the DJ's that first played them, offering a glimpse into how the innovative music that ended up on the dance floor was often an unintentional collaboration between DJs and bands.

This cult and pioneering track was found on a 1981 C90 tape in the vaults of Susanna Massaia, a close friend and fan of the man who made it, namely the legendary Johnson. He is the original solo songwriter of the tune and its great chorus of Vamos a la playa, oh, oh, oh. He recorded it with the mighty Monuments band at TKS studio and years after he formed Righeira (aka the duo of Johnson and Michael), the track was produced with la Bionda and went on to sell more than three million copies. Thus making it a classic hit in the worldwide disco scene.
Hearing this track in its early original form is a real landmark moment that takes us back to the hugely influential Turin scene of the eighties and re-writes the history of early Italo. In its original form ‘Vamos A La Playa’ is a dark and broody disco beat with tight drums and hits, robotic dehumanised vocals, and futuristic synths that formed a clear blueprint for years to come in dance music. 

Contemporary stars Baldelli & Dionigi then step up to produce some fantastic  new versions. The first is a cosmic remake that updates the track for modern tastes with hard hitting drums and stiff percussion that really demands you dance. The I-Robots add a subtle touch with their edit which is very direct.

Imago was previously released on the V.A. - I-Robots present: We re Opilec... Vol. II compilation that sees the album dive into deep, Cosmic & Italo Nu Disco territory. Who better to kick things off than the Godfather of Cosmic Italian Disco Daniele Baldelli. He teams up with Marco Diognigi for the superb Imago which very much sets the tone for the whole release.


a1. Schaltkreis Wassermann - GoGoGo (Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Rework)

a2. Johnson Righeira - Vamos A La Playa (Baldelli & Dionigi Cosmic Remake - I-Robots Edit)

b1. Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi - Imago

b2. The Units - The Right Man (Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Remix)