Various Artists - D' Du Du EP


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Due 26th August 2016

What's in the du name? 030303 records asked three of their favourite prod'ucers with matching names to du an ep together: Ann Harbour's D'Marc Cantu and Mark du Mosh & Paul du Lac, both from the dutch harbour city Rotterdam.

The result is dynamite! A1"Mine Motion" is a monsterous jacker in the rawest form how only mr Cantu can du!

On the B side Mark du Mosh takes off with a flight to "Bermuda" with a hot & steamy roaring electronic beast sitting on the wing of the plane and causing some heavy turbulence. Fortunatly du Mosh keeps us flying high with some deep emotional synths.

Last but not least Paul du Lac delivers a dark psychedelic techtool called "Beta Rhythm". A track that creeps under your skin as a virus, causing some serious haziness from noding your head. Be aware that this record will appear on vinyl only!

a1. D'Marc Cantu - Mine Motion

b1. Mark Du Mosch - Bermuda

b2. Paul Du Lac - Beta Rhythm