Various Artists - Classified V3


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Release Date: 17th November 2017

With an incredible back catalogue, C.I.A Records are a staple in D&B culture, having being responsible for some of the most iconic music to grace the scene. Emphasis on authenticity and quality control has resulted in flawless output revered upon dancefloors worldwide. Following the recent success of Riya's Hurt Heals EP, there's no holding back as C.I.A makes way for the third instalment in the Classified series, a 4 track killer combination featuring the heavyweight talents of Total Science, Villem, Critical Impact, Jakes and Arcatype.

The first track sees Villem step up to remix 'False Alarm' by Total Science, Quadrant & Iris. Flexing his technical prowess with this chest-shattering offering, Villem teases sonorous atmospherics around sharp percussive hits, building to a medley of full impact subsonic weight and aggressive drum patterns that cut right through the mix. For his debut appearance on the label, Critical Impact teams up with vocal powerhouse Jakes to deliver 'Geeks and Geez.' Critical Impact combines deep, rumbling subs and resonant mid tones which go hand-in-hand with Jakes' raw vocal energy and no-nonsense lyricism, making this a sure-fire dancefloor heavy hitter for the masses. For the third track, Total Science drop 'What I Need'; a beautifully crafted composition filled with tranquil pads and articulate rolling drums serving as a solid backbone. Reversed atmospherics and glistening pianos swell in and out of the track with a deep, warm sub to bring it all together. Finally, Arcatype's 'Cascade' is an immersive roller bursting with ethereal tones and snappy percussions, taking you on a journey of rolled out sub lines and mid-range stabs washed with subtle reverb and delay.

Classified V3 delivers an across-the-board, cutting-edge offering of their signature D&B blend. Combining the raw energy of 'False Alarm' and 'Geeks and Geez' alongside the deep overtones of 'What I Need' and 'Cascade' Classified V3 is solid proof that C.I.A are always at the top of their game, rolling strong since 1996 with no sign of turning back. 

a1. Total Science, Quadrant & Iris - False Alarm (Villem Remix) 

a2. Ciritcal Impact feat. Jakes - Geeks and Geez  

b1. Total Science - What I Need

b2. Arcatype - Cascade