Various Artists - Banoffee Pies Beats 01


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Available: 20th November 2020

Banoffee Pies Records have paved their way in dance music as an eclectic label with little restraints on their sound or style as a free flowing and flexible music platform. Now the imprint ventures into a new genre spectrum with BPBEATS01 - the LP presents 12 tracks of dusty hip hop, heavy cut samples and original vocals from well renowned Beat maker Flo Filz and a group of local producers, further in keeping with their ethos of letting the sound do the talking and representing friends and family along the way. A record that will turn heads as another respected collectors item from the catalogue. Smokey jams for the lovers, hand selected by Banoffee Pies. x

a1. Slim - Stop Rewind (feat. Ella Mae)

a2. FloFilz - Reissleine

a3. Slim - Amsterdam Blues

a4. A Beat Maker Named Crate Head - Yemen

a5. Slim - Raw

a6. Nayla - Melachrone

b1. FloFilz - Whereabouts

b2. Slim - Wes

b3. A Beat Maker Named Crate Head - Saturdayaway

b4. Slim - Lit

b5. A Beat Maker Named Crate Head - Plaice In The Shade

b6. Nayla - Wolfmo