Various Artists - A-Sides Volume 5 Pt 3


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Release Date: 24th October

Adam Beyer's Drumcode juggernaut attracts more fans and critical plaudits with each passing year. Holding firm on its future facing ethos, techno's number one label presents a new volume in its acclaimed A-Sides to signify its 20th anniversary.

Such is the volume of quality music Adam Beyer receives throughout the course of the year, releasing all of it would be impossible. Enter the blue chip A-Sides series: a chance for the quality-obsessive label head to issue a collection of outstanding tracks that couldn't fit in their regular EP release schedule.

With an eye on future talent, as much as the label's established roster of heavy-hitters, the compilation showcases the full breadth of Drumcode's multifaceted techno sound, equal parts inspiring and functional.

The third part features Tiger Stripes, Layton Giordani, Secret Cinema & Egbert


a1. Tiger Stripes - A Feeling

a2. Layton Giordani - Rivington

b1. Secret Cinema & Egbert - Maximaal