Various Artists - 5 Years of LP


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Vinyl Shipping 20th November 2017

On the 2nd of October 2017 the independent Belgian platform celebrates its 5th anniversary by releasing its debut album., one of the leading references for dubstep worldwide, put together a 15-track compilation full of exclusive content from artists they regularly have been working with. Expect the typical residents such as ENiGMA Dubz, Bukez Finezt, Requake and SubFiltronik - though as usual they also included quite a few upcoming talents.
In general, the album is a proper reflection of both the sound as well as the artists has been pushing; since day one they have been known for featuring a rather unconventional and uncommon side of the genre.
Originally launched its brand in 2012 as a promotional outlet. Meanwhile they expanded to a currently 50.000-strong community with their own live events, a prestigious record label and a well-respected online magazine. By releasing this debut album, looks more determined and passionate than ever to show the listener a true and complete definition of dubstep.

a1. ENiGMA Dubz - Dirty South

a2. LOST - Turmoil

a3. Bukez Finezt - Real 2 Real

b1. Requake - Fear

b2. ARtroniks - Extinction