Various Arists - Let's Get Playa Ii


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Release Date: 8th June 2018

The Lehult Crew goes back to beach with this V.A. full of blistering sundowners. Inspired by utopian visions of northern holiday destination Sylt - Germany’s “White Isle” - the four tracks ooze a sense of lighthearted optimism. “Rave (Sylt TV)” is a photo-op of a track: A chilled bottle of rose at Buhne 16 or a long night at Rotes Kliff with girls in sequin dresses. “Refreshing Fruit, Tasty Fruit” paints a lighter picture of the same theme. Think a tasting tour of 15 different kinds of sparkling water. DJ Assam’s “Sandy” warms things up with distant laughter and swirly synths. But stay cozy, because a change of weather is always around the corner. “Blueberry Icetea” is closing things out with a hom-age to the jolly car-train that connects Sylt to the mainland - the only reasonable way to come and go!

a1. Liem & Eddie Ness - Rave (Sylt TV)

a2. Liem & Eddie Ness - Refreshing Fruit, Tasty Fruit

b1. DJ Assam - Sandy

b2. Lucky Charmz & Johan Kaseta - Blueberry Icetea