Vandel - Inundacion


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Disco Nutabe

Release Date: 04.10

Discos Nutabe’s third reference comes by Vandel, the label’s A&R debuts with “Inundación” which means “Flood”. The album’s title reflects the deepness of the thoughts in each element produced by him.

Vandel is a talented musician from the city of Medellín where he has worked for over 10 years in electronic music. Now with his own House version influenced from Masters At Work up to more vanguard sounds, show us how intimate moments can become very good musical pieces.

Deep House outlines these three cuts, subtly perennial but never a protagonist. Style that he has found best to describe experiences through music, calm atmospheres, a mental dance, the need for tranquility/peacefulness. This is what “Inundación” expresses. 


a1. Dulce Martirio

b1. Dos Etapas

b2. La Realidad Es Utopica