Valerie from the Galerie – Tape One [12" Vinyl LP]


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What About Never

Released 13th July 2018

From the fringe of a dream house music fantasy, Valerie from the Galerie makes their debut with an album of plush, outsider NJ style house music, that cuts the space in between the nu grooves of the Burrell Bros, the Windy City bump of 
 Mr. Fingers and the seductive club gleam of Soichi Terada.

Valerie from the Galerie is dedicated wife and in-house producer for legendary DJ Bob Cuts. Specialising in Hydroxide House, Loose Chignon and The Conk.

a1. Paradis (3:10)

a2. It Don’t Worry Me (3:58)

a3. Hello Goodbye Hello (3:40)

a4. Pretentiousness (2:57)

b1. Trouble & Strife (4:51)

b2. The Razzle Dazzle (3:33)

b3. At the Movies (2:17)

b4. Hallucinations (2:52)