V/A - OddSox Vol. 1


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Release Date: 07.11

...aaaand we’re back. It’s taken us a little longer than it should have to get this third release together, but OH MY was it worth the wait. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite oddballs to construct the first 2Sox compilation release, aptly titled “OddSox Vol. 1”.

TELESKOP starts us off on a rampant 7500 light year joyride to neighbouring star system Eta Carinae, with a tune as dazzling and potentially volatile as the place itself. We’ve loved this tune since first listen. No rest for the elbows.

Tom Churchill is one half of The Nuclear Family and former boss man at the much lauded experimental electronic dance labels Headspace and Emoticon. Relax into our interstellar voyage with his melodic groover Sidetracked (Remix) and feel the glide with sumptuous pads and piano.

On remix duties we have another Glasgow boy Sparky has recently been lighting up the globe with his expertly crafted releases for the mighty Numbers and Optimo Trax labels. Taking on TELESKOP’s tune, he twists the groove and injects a dose of fear into the cosmic space ride as we approach the nebula. A pleasure to have his touch on this release.

2Sox co-boss and recent entrant into the CHURCH Records camp, Debukas takes us in for landing, rewarding our safe passage with his self-styled ‘Cantina Band’, Live Sox Show.

Very early support from the keen ears of Jackmaster, Mark Archer, Dominic Capello, Fabrice Lig and Red Rackem....


a1. TELESKOP - Eta Carinae

a2. Tom Churchill - Sidetracked (Remix)

b1. TELESKOP - Eta Carinae (Sparky Remix)

b2. Debukas - Live Sox Show