V/A - Dream House Tropicana Volume 1


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Blind Jacks Journey

Release Date: 29.08

Recall Luv*Jam’s Dream House series?? Those that introduced the world to Jimini, Mr Fiel, Gnork, Acasual!?

Well this is the DREAM HOUSE TROPICANA VOLUMES, extra dreaminess with fat sprinklings of Tropicana!
The boys are at it at again with full nippiness explorations!! Get Dreamy. Get Nippy. Get Tropicana!
Volume 001 with a super tropical fish stamp!


1. RNR - Moments

2. RNR - Moments Vox Tool

3. Mr Fiel - Sunset On The Moon

4. Gnork x Luv Jam - Troppppixxxx

5. Jimini - Back To Reality