Unknown - Grey Area Volume One


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Grey Area

The first Volume in the amalgamation of two audio powerhouses in the form of Samurai Music and ASC’s Auxiliary imprint. They join as one to offer something slightly off the cuff from the individual labels usual input. The first Volume under the Grey Area guise does hold the identity of the mother and father labels so to speak, although the general idea here is that that the artists that have contributed to the project are kept under wraps and go down a slightly more experimental path. What follows is a brief summary of the 4 Unknown tracks in this opening gambit from Grey Area.

A1 – Unknown #1: The first track is a very uplifting cyclical looping affair that draws the listener into its web of intrigue and mysticism. The main player is a synth bleep sound that pulses like a futuristic alarm that grabs the tune by the scruff of the neck. The accompanying soundscape that envelops the main sound have an almost analogue acidic quality, with synth leads using filter cut offs that are opening and closing in a very rhythmic way and create a very hypnotic feel. The Percussive snare element that hits on the half beat is solid and chunky and gives a real snap to the track. The 4/4 hats that tap away add a sense of something more urgent and really gives overall depth to the beat structure. This is a great opening offering on the EP, top stuff as you would expect with the labels that are involved here.

A2 – Unknown #2: The second tune keeps the analogue hypnotic vibes going and follows the first track perfectly. This is a slightly more industrial and colder feeling than the previous piece, with the focus more on the groove and beat structure. The beat work is detailed and superb in its realisation, the half groove snare again takes charge here, but the intricate hats, wood block hits and other drum sounds are trance inducing and very interesting to the ear. The synth leads are more of the cycle of odd and are accompanied with some dark metallic pad atmospherics. If this was played at volume you would definitely be feeling all of the various frequencies that are present and correct is the track.

B1 – Unknown #3: really ramps up the energy levels and adds drama to the previous tracks on the “A-Side”. The ferocity of the arrangement is a more intense version of Unknown #2, almost a continuation which takes you further into the realms of this quirky world that is Grey Area. The main parts of this beast are so sci-fi esc, they scream of warp drives and large space machines that rattle and churn out bucket loads of power and inertia. The overall feeling here is very much in the mechanical and processed format. The looping and repetitive atmosphere which just builds and builds is very forward thinking and quite a distinct and original in its styling.

B2 – Unknown #4: The end product of the first Grey Area release is a slightly more relaxing and subtle tune. The rainforest other worldly soundscape is directly from the forest moon of Endor (Other Sci-Fi Film References could be usedJ). This is a very in depth journey and probably the deepest track on the EP. The beats are very classy and ooze quality. The synth sounds are inspired and quite dreamy in their realisation, this is a proper eyes closed and drift off moment. This is a great way to finish the EP and leaves you wanting more.

This is a great start for Grey Area. 10/10 | Aural Imbalance Review


Black vinyl 180g shrink wrapped

The first in a series of anonymous 12"s on Grey Area - the label collaboration between Samurai Music and Auxiliary

a1. Unknown - #1

a2. Unknown - #2

b1. Unknown - #3

b2. Unknown - #4