Unknown - Grey Area Volume 4


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Grey Area

A1 – 1) Grey Area continue the mysticism of the artist identity with the forth instalment in the series. This is a hypnotists dream sonically, with the techno esc pulse taking charge and drives the track forward. The dusted kick and brush hats hold this up to perfection and allows the opening and closing of the pulse sound to work its magic. As the track progresses more percussive elements begin to reveal themselves, these add more immediacy to the overall rhythm and groove. The soundscape also evolves along with sci-fi pad sounds and detailing that one would expect from the GA camp.

A2 – 2) The second tune has a far more urgent vibe than the previous track. The parts and components of this beast are at the forefront all at the same time. This sounds like an odd description but it all feels very much in your face without being offensive. Techno from the future is where we are at, with frantic pulse sounds and fast heart rate beat work that really have you on the edge of your seat. This seems to just keep building and building with more and more being added to intensify the atmosphere and intensity. The key though here is its done with such a delicate and thoughtful touch. Top stuff this, very cool indeed.

B1 – 3) Get your stomp face on as we go into the realms of head banging craziness. Well at least that’s the first thing that comes to mind. The kick on this track stutters out its Germanic 90’s almost gabba like rhythm and would not sound out of place in a Tanith set from days gone by. It is quite an aggressive tune but something just holds it off from being so far gone into nailsville city. The synth sounds have such a dramatic style that when coupled with the vibrant and powerful percussion really form a tour de force of sound. Its another forthright piece from someone anonymously going on a really mad one in the studio, would love to have been a fly on the wall at that moment kind of thing.

B2 – 4) The final track on the forth volume of the GA series takes down a notch tempo wise. 4 has a really intricate set of arp sounds that have a cyclic looping vibe. The other parts of the soundscape come from mad science experiments that have taken an audio form. Metallic striking sounds are merged with something that has a war of the worlds war machine eerie resonating menace to it. The groove of this track has a half beat structure that comprises of a kick, snare and hat combination. This really draws you into what is happening with the main atmosphere of the tune, again this does have a colder feel but its done with class.

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Marbled Vinyl 12"

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