Universal Robot Band ‎- Barely Breaking Even (Full 12:45 John Morales Mix)


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Due 28th July 2017

At last! The full 12:45 John Morales mix of this underground boogie classic gets the proper vinyl release it has always deserved! All those Discogs cowboys can now safely crawl back under their stones! Replicating the original 1982 12", except this one doesn't fade out a minute and a half before the end. The original flipside is present, only this time cut at 45rpm for higher audio resolution. Available from 14-07-2017. This release is (I think!) the first time all twelve minutes and forty-five seconds have been pressed on wax (in an ultra limited quantity) so don't miss it, Steven!

a. Universal Robot Band ‎- Barely Breaking Even (Club Version)

b. Universal Robot Band ‎- Barely Breaking Even (Instrumental Version)