Unit Moebius - The Golden Years: Part 2


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Release Date: Early January 2018

Second vinyl version of the CD album with more magical works of Unit Moebius. Including the funking 'Beat That Perculator' re-arranging 'I Beat That Bitch with a Bat', 'Its Time for the Perculator' and 'the Pressure Cooker' into a totally dirty twisted The Hague jack track! The flip side contains the more deeper side from their first releases. For those who were there in those years '91/'92/'93, at the famous parties in The Hague and Rotterdam, this is a walk down memory lane, for those to young or living in other parts of the world... imagine these tracks in a dark, very dark sweaty basement with only strobe light and smoke machines, camouflage nets, and jacking acid and techno sounds for more then 10 hours. Dj's such as I-f, Serge, Schmerzlabor, Peter Ptau Ptau and live acts such as Unit Moebius played the hottest and freshest music all night long until you lost your sense of time and place and ended in a total mind trip. The pure essence of house and techno! The golden years.

a1. Overlord

a2. Mirrors

b1. Beat That Perculator

b2. Phonetics 02